The Hospital of St Cross is pleased to make its beautiful Norman church available for a number of concerts throughout the year.

It is a good idea to see around the Hospital first as a normal visitor. It is also possible to have a preliminary tour of the facilities in mind by making an appointment with the Deputy Clerk.

As from 1 January 2020 bookings for the use of the Church for concerts, recitals, plays and similar activities are charged as follows:

Winter Charge Summer Charge
Concert or Concert plus one rehearsal £475 £425
Second rehearsal £85 £60
Parking (if requested) N/A £140 - £165

All fees will be reviewed in the Autumn for 2021.

Please note: The charges include heating and lighting. Council Regulations require the Church to be closed by 11.00 pm. The Church is an active place of worship and therefore any rehearsals on a Saturday cannot take place until after 3.30 pm to allow the date to be kept free for a possible Wedding.

Daily Visitors

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Private Events

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